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Clint Bird

40 something year old father, husband, lean, digital enthusiast and aspiring chef!

Passionate about lean, technology, continuous improvement and applying the principles to all parts of my life - be it data science, business transformation or BBQ'ing!

Welcome To Manufacturing

Traditional automotive industrial operation

Where my passion and love affair for lean was discovered


Moustaches Don't Suit Me...

A350 Manufacturing Engineering

German engineering +
Australian pragmatism
= Ontime for first flight

RC Reduction

First time discovering the power of bringing lean and digital practices to knowledge based workers

• 115m€ Savings secured

Digital Transformation

Disruptively challenging make or buy, upskilling people and adapting the culture - not just focused on the technology

Massive adoption rates & lead time reductions

Closing The Gap

Legacy companies have unique digital challenges

Strong leadership, grassroots understanding of the business and the technology itself is essential for true transformation


Presenting to ~700 industry partners and students

A call to action for current and future colleagues to step up and contribute to Aerospace's transition towards a sustainable future

Clint Bird

• 20+ Years Experience
• Employed In 3 Industries
• 160m€ Managed OPEX Budget
• Worked In 5 Countries
• 40+ Managed Reports
• Worked For 2 Divisions

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