ASOXI - 2020 Year In Review


S³ Version 2

Launched & Killed

Really easy to forget (does feel like a life time ago!) but the start of the year we were still running S3 on V1 with the dirty datasets / double counts.

This was a huge activity and really a great example of what we could do as a team with all hands on deck. We managed to bring the overall PNFR up an average of 10% on all plants before COVID hit.

The cash containment kicked in and S³ had a very short lifespan before being stopped.

Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse.

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Data Driven


It only took ~12 months but we finally could define what a data driven organization is:


We started this year stating "It cant be just us, we need to onboard others if we want to make an impact."

We have a long way to go - but this initiative has been the catalyst to that journey & culture we all want to be apart of.

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S³ Misses

Report + Dashboard

This was our first (only?) truly data driven topic. Automatically analyzing misses, linking it to the S³ process and feeding back improvements to the algorithm.

Really was a bright spark on the kind of operation we want to become, continually improving, data driven with modern analytics / visualizations - nevertheless the principles will hopefully somehow be transferred into a building blocks MVP and live to see another day.
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COVID19 Lockdown


This is one of those ones I'm quite proud of and I think will stick / defined us a little this year...

Inventory Building Blocks
Warehouse Optimization FAIL
Trello Workflows
DR Impact Reduction

These were all great videos and a fantastic way of communicating what we've done (and really solidifying the topics in our own heads!)
It began out of necessity, but now a continuing practice - this ones something very uniquely 2020...

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Data Sets


Not the sexiest topic, but it wouldn't be 2020 without mentioning this.

We started the year without any governance process, no way of authorizing data, no one thinking strongly about the quality and integrity of data to be available for all.

32 DRS's truly being worked on by us and others - just the fact that we have other teams working in parallel with the level of focus and quality in mind is a monumental success in itself!
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Don't have to remind anyone of the original GIT solution proposed to us.

Its easy to forget it was still in April we were having Dirk come in on a Monday to extract a file from SQ01 and upload it to as SFS for people to grab while others were extracting data from Oracle without any understanding of what they were looking at.

Walter & HANA have given us the opportunity to scale the business sustainably.
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We've never had a project that ticked as many B-I-N-G-O boxes as this one...

Machine Learning
Cloud Computation
Computer Vision

This really was a great example though of giving the business some view of what's possible, but more importantly achievable with home grown expertise.

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It was only in June we started analyzing some of the transport team spends and stumbled across the idea of using DHL API to extract information.

That starting point has opened the door to a wealth of different solutions
Supplier "YellowLine" Tracking
STO Dashboard
Inbound Flow Data Capture
Airflow For Pipelines

A really exciting topic that offers huge value to the business that was otherwise unimaginable.
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Skywise + SAP

"I wonder if we could link Skywise with SAP?"

That sparked this fabulous journey - some outdated python API, GUI scripts and makeshift GitHub accounts - an absolute perfectionists nightmare - but agile, pragmatic, results pure...

A refined BiFrost is going to be exciting! 💪
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1 Quit Smoking
3 New Team Members
1 New Baby
41 Tacos (Down 38%)
1 Potato (Up 100%)
7.2 Average MeWeGo
33 E&C Trainings
364 Days Dirk Was Last Into The Office
1916 Reduced Hours To KA
275 !!! Status Updates Provided
TBD 2020 Taco Champion 🏆

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Whats Next?

BiFrost Rollout
Inventory Blocks Optimization
Data Catalog + Data Sets
MVPs + MVPs + MVPs
Wider Satair Transformation
Matchfile Scraper

One thing we can be certain of is uncertainty - so lets strap in, remain flexible, keep an eye on what the business needs and see where we end up...

Even in these very difficult times, you all make the work here easier than it should be. You are all more than just great colleagues, I consider us friends. Thank you all for the incredible work and spirit in this very monumental year.
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