My team and I (like everyone else I’m sure) really look forward to the end of the year as an opportunity to get together for that annual Christmas team event. Have the whole team travel in from around the world to here in Germany to finally meet face to face again, appreciate the Christmas markets and enjoy a warm gluhwein and some laughs together - an opportunity to reflect on what we achieved in the year and where we head for the next.

I’ve done these kinds of sessions with my teams every year so refused to let COVID get in the way and stop this tradition as well. Seeing as 2020 seemed to have been the year of the web / mobile working I thought it was only fitting to have our achievement / reflection presentation this year as a webpage instead of in person.

I threw this together over a couple of nights while watching football so it’s not exactly optimized for all screens (aka use your laptop / monitor) Honestly though 2020 had been an absolute hell of a year (for more reasons than one) but still think it’s incredibly important to take the time and reflect on how fantastic the team was and all the things we still managed to achieve under such strange circumstances. 2020 A Year In Review